May 24, 2023 13:31
Asian Paralympic Committee executive board members will travel to Tehran on Friday to attend the EB meeting.
APC Executive Board to arrive in Tehran on Friday


  NPC IRAN- According to the schedule, the Asian guest will be arrived in Tehran Friday 26 May to take part the APC executive board meeting.

APC President Majid Rashed, his staff and the other EB members will be greeted on their arrival by Iran NPC officials at the Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Conducting by the APC Chairman, the 30th EB Session will be held at NPC Iran’s headquarters on 27-28 May 2023, and attended by the representatives from the Asian NPCs (13th countries, in total).

This two-day APC Session will be the last in-person EB meeting before the Hangzhou Asian Para Games which are scheduled to take place from October 22 to 28.

A total of 22 sports are set to take place across 19 venues, 17 of which are shared with the Asian Games which will precede the event.



Since the last year, this is Mr. President’s second trip to Tehran.

During a three-day trip, Majid Rashed accompanied by APC CEO Tarek Souei attended the 15 National Paralympic Day of Iran and a joint meeting with the IRI minster of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Chairman of NPC and NOC, in October 2022,


Source: NPC Iran


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