Paralympic|NPC Iran|NPC Charter



(Athletes as role models and sport ambassadors)

1. Playing sport in order to:

a. Please the almighty

b. Strengthen the physical and mental abilities

c. Serve people

d. Bring honor to country

2. Commitment to the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran and rules and regulations of National Paralympic Committee;

3. Protecting the independence, national dignity, identity of the Iranian-Islamic culture and the country’s stands in international sport activities;

4. Considering Islamic and national rules and regulations in relations, clothing and appearance;

5. Paying attention to bringing honor to country and constant attempt to make the country proud without any expectation in return;

6. Paying respect to races and official religions of the country, and avoiding any discriminatory behaviors and stands;

7. Following decent role models and avoiding unacceptable life styles and behaviors;

8. Maintaining disciplines and offering cooperation and sympathy when performing duties and tasks;

9. Paying attention to constant enhancement of knowledge when performing duties;

10.  Commitment to sport ethics, Pahlevani rituals and fair play regulations, particularly:

a. Patriotism (put the national interests first)

b. Being friendly with people (helping people especially deprived people)

c. Courtesy and respect (for rivals, retired athletes, other athletes, coaches, referees and managers)

d. Avoiding deception and trickery (including doping, collusion, faking a foul)

e. Humility

f. Justice and fairness

g. Commitment