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I.R. Iran NPC Athletes’ Commission Bylaw


With reference to Athletes’ Council Bylaw included in the Constitution of International Paralympic Committee, and Article 21 of I.R. Iran National Paralympic Committee Constitution ratified by the Board of Ministers on 2018/08/25, and with regard to the significance of participation and role of Paralympic athletes in decision making process of National Paralympic Committee, and since Athletes’ Commission is the representative of athletes in NPC Iran and Paralympic Movement, Athletes’ Commission Bylaw is compiled as follows:

 Article 1 Definitions

  • Assembly–General Assembly of I.R. Iran National Paralympic Committee.
  • Committee / NPC– I.R. Iran National Paralympic Committee.
  • Executive Board – Executive Board of I.R. Iran National Paralympic Committee.
  • Commission – Athletes’ Commission of I.R. Iran National Paralympic Committee.
  • Athletes – Athletes of Summer & Winter Paralympic Games.

Article 2 Function

The Commission shall have the following roles:

1. Elect the representative of athletes to join the Executive Board

2. Support the Committee to achieve its vision, goals, missions and other duties

3. Express viewpoints of the Commission within the Executive Board by the representative

4. Follow up the affairs of athletes from NPC

5. Make recommendations about the affairs assigned by Executive Board, including:

a.     Athletes’ supporting policies and plans

b.     Protect Athletes’ Code of Ethics

c.      Encourage athletes not to use banned substances.

6. Reporting to NPC

7. Act as an advisory institution for both athletes and NPC

8. Express athletes’ opinions to be considered in decision making processes

9. Cooperate and communicate with other commissions and NPC departments

Article 3 Structure

The structure of the Commission shall include:

1. Chairperson

2. Vice Chairperson

3. Secretary

4. Members

Note – Either Chairperson or Vice Chairperson must necessarily be a woman.

Article 4 Composition

1. Seven (7) elected summer athlete representatives;

2. One (1) elected winter athlete representative;

3. One (1) elected (B1) athlete representative from sports for the blind;

4. Two (2) Alternate members (without voting right) from summer sports with the most votes polled after elected representatives;

5. Secretary of the Commission will be appointed by NPC CEO as the representative of NPC (without voting right).

Note – Maximum two athletes from each sport can be elected to the Commission.

Article 5

The Chairperson and Secretary of the Commission together with NPC secretariat are responsible for keeping the accurate records and reports of the Commission.

Article 6

The Chairperson of the Commission will be a member of Executive Board as athletes’ representative.

Article 7

Eligibility Requirements of Candidates

The following athletes can stand for Athletes’ Commission election:

1. Medalists of the previous two editions of the Summer Paralympic Games;

2. Athletes who have competed in the previous two editions of the Winter Paralympic Games;

3. B1 Athletes who have competed in the previous two editions of the Summer Paralympic Games;

4. Female athletes who have competed in the previous two editions of the Summer Paralympic Games;

5. Athletes having commitment to athletes’ obligations stated in the agreements of the NPC;

6. Athletes without suspension, disqualification and criminal conviction at the time of election.

Article 8

Terms of Office

The members are elected for a four-year term of office.

Note– Athletes can be re-elected for the next terms, so long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements stated in Article 7.

Article 9

Termination of Membership

Membership of the Commission may be terminated following the recommendation of at least two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members of Athletes’ Commission, and with the approval of the Executive Board due to the following reasons:

1. Failure to comply with NPC rules and obligations;

2. Violation of anti-doping rules;

3. Failure to fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities;

4. Absence from two consecutive official meetings without reasonable regrets;

5. Having criminal conviction in judicial courts.

Article 10

Voters' Eligibility

To be eligible to vote in Athletes’ Commission election, athletes must have the following criteria:

1. All athletes who have competed in the previous three editions of the Summer & Winter Paralympic Games;

2. Athletes with no suspension or disqualification at the time of election.

Article 11

Election Procedures

1. The day of election will be announced on the website of NPC at least 45 days prior to the election;

2. The eligible athletes shall declare their candidacy to NPC CEO by attending the NPC or the relative federation in person at least one month prior to the election;

3. The eligible candidates will be introduced on the website of the NPC at least one week prior to the election;

4. Each voter can vote for up to 9 candidates;

5. Voters shall cast the ballots physically or do the voting electronically;

6. Each voter can vote in the following manner:

  • Seven (7) summer athlete candidates;
  • One (1) winter athlete candidate;
  • One (1) B1 athlete candidate.

7. Should the ballots contain more than 9 candidates; the extra candidates will not be counted;

8. Should there be a statistical tie between the main and alternative candidates, the election will be repeated.

Article 12

Athletes’ Commission Meetings

1.     Ordinary meetings

2.     Extraordinary meetings

Article 13

Ordinary meetings of Athletes’ Commission will be held two times a year in coordination with NPC CEO and at the invitation of Commission Chairperson.

Article 14

Extraordinary meetings of Athletes’ Commission will be held upon the recommendation of the Chairperson of Commission and approval of NPC CEO.

Article 15

Meeting Organization

1. The invitation and agenda shall be circulated among the members at least 10 working days prior to the meeting;

2. The Chairperson of the Commission is in charge of conducting the meeting, and in case of his absence, the Vice Chairperson will be in charge;

3. The quorum shall be two-thirds of the voting members of the Commission;

4. The presence of the secretary is necessary for the meeting to be officially recognized;

5. Voting members are not allowed to grant their votes to others;

6. Approvals of the meetings will be ratified by the vote of 50 per cent +1 of the voting members present in the meeting;

7. Approvals of the meeting will be submitted to NPC CEO, and they will be implemented if ratified by the Executive Board.

Article 16


The IPC Athletes’ Council can only be dissolved by a decision of the NPC General Assembly.

This bylaw was ratified in 16 Articles and 3 Notes by the Executive Board of NPC on 2020/06/09, and any changes in it will be made after holding the first election and establishing the Commission, upon the request of Commission and approval of Executive Board.