Paralympic|NPC Iran|Iran NPC Statute

I.R. Iran NPC Constitution

1 The following terms apply in the Constitution:

1.1 International Paralympic Committee (IPC): An inter Movement in the World.
1.2 National Paralympic Committee (NPC): A public association, non-governmental, non-profit, independent legal identity and financially independent without any racial, religious and political discrimination which is referred to as “NPC” in this Constitution.
1.3 Para Sport: Summer and Winter Sports that are/to be recognized by the International Paralympic Committee.
1.4 Sports Federation: A non-governmental, public institution with legal identity referred as the “Sports Federation” in this Constitution, acting in one or more sports in line with policies and principles’ framework of the International Federations (IFs) and National Rules and Regulations which are the highest legal authorities in the country.
1.5 Sports Seat: A legal position existing / to be provided within National and International Sports Organizations.
1.6  Paralympian: An athlete with an impairment involved in Sports for All, championships or elite sports.
1.7 Coach: An individual officially certified as a coach by one of the relevant National, Asian and World Sports Federations.
1.10 Target Population: Includes all people with different kinds of IPC eligible impairments.


2 Language and Emblem
2.1 The official language is Farsi
2.2 I.R. Iran NPC emblem represents the flag of Islamic Republic of Iran, International Paralympic Committee emblem at the top and official name of the NPC both in Farsi and English languages at the bottom.


3  Name, seat and Year of Business
3.1 The name of the organization is I.R. Iran NPC.
3.2 The seat of the I.R. Iran NPC is in Tehran.
3.3 The Fiscal year starts from March 22nd and ends on 21st March of the following year.


4  Vision, Mission and Objects of the NPC
4.1 The NPC has been established in line with the human principles as well as the principles outlined in IPC Handbook while observing the national regulations, aiming to promote the Para sports and educating the youth within the target population, and supporting Paralympic Movement, development of Para-sports and Paralympic Games (Summer and Winter) program and also taking all necessary actions to promote peace, support and encourage sport ethical principles and certain attention toward the environmental issues and has the following goals within the target population:
4.1.1 To maintain and improve championship places in Paralympics and Asian Para Games.
4.1.2 To promote and develop sport activities for the target population to facilitate sport activities for all.
4.1.3 To promote and publicize sportsmanship, championship, morality, cultural and national values among Para athletes.
4.1.4 To establish appropriate grounds for the development of educational, sports for all, championship and professional sports.
4.1.5 To promote women Para sports
4.1.6 To develop the Para sports at quantitative and qualitative levels
4.2 To fulfill its vision, the NPC shall adhere to the following functions and authorities :
4.2.1 Protect, develop and promote Paralympic Movement principles and take all necessary measurements versus any kind of discrimination, violence and corruption in sport, making a healthy and transcendental environment by observing national regulations.
4.2.2 Prepare the condition for dispatching the athletes and officials to the Paralympic (Summer and Winter) Games, to obtain the international seats and also facilitate the participation of Para athletes in other relevant sport events organized within the framework of these Games.
4.2.3 Promote and develop the ethics, culture and national values within the Para athletes and officials through various methods including but not limited to the establishment of Paralympic Museum.
4.2.4 Promote and develop sports for all, championship and professional sports in the context of this Constitution through scientific and technical  research via the Paralympic Academy.
4.2.5 Encourage the target community towards maintaining their  health and wellness through participation in sports activities.
4.2.6 Maintain regular and on-going communication with the IPC and its member nations and member organizations and the relevant local authorities.
4.2.7 Familiarize the public with the principles of Paralympic Games and to encourage them to support the Paralympic Games.
4.2.8 Provide guidance, observe and support the relevant sports federations regarding the Para sports while observing the respective Rules and Regulations.
4.2.9 Prepare and design the NPC flag, emblem and anthem with approval of the Governing Board, to be submitted to the national, international and world organizations.
4.2.10 Study the establishment of the new Para sport disciplines within the sports federations, accepting or suspension of their membership according to IPC Handbook through relevant authorities.
4.2.11 Support the activities and develop involvement of women in sport, technical and sport management fields for the target community.
4.2.12 Plan and support of the codification, compilation, translation and publishing the sport, cultural and scientific books, publications and pamphlets related to the NPC functions and goals.
4.2.13 Implement  Strict  Policy  against  using  forbidden  substances  and  methods prohibited by IPC and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
4.2.14 Consider the economic and financial activities to support and assist the NPC with expenses in line with the NPC goals.
4.2.15 Make necessary arrangements for social security and welfare of the target population with the relevant national organizations, institutes and entities.


5  Structure of the NPC
5.1 The Structure of the NPC shall Include:
5.1.1 The General Assembly
5.1.2 The Governing Board
5.1.3 The Legal Inspector


6  The General Assembly
6.1 The General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority of the NPC and its meetings shall be conducted in the form of regular or extra-ordinary meetings. The Chairman of the General Assembly is responsible to chair the General Assembly meetings and in his absence, one of the vice-presidents appointed by the Chairman, shall preside the meeting.
6.2 Functions and Authorities of the General Assembly
6.2.1 To elect and expel the NPC President, Treasurer and other members of the Governing Board.
6.2.2 To study and evaluate the NPC annual report presented by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the General Assembly.
6.2.3 To study and approve the NPC financial report presented by the Inspector.
6.2.4 To elect the Legal Auditor for one-year term and consider his report and making decision accordingly.
6.2.5 To study and approve NPC annual program.
6.2.6 To study and approve recommendations for amendments to the Constitution supported by at least two-third (2/3) votes of the members to be presented to the Ministry of Sport and Youth to be ratified by the Cabinet.
6.2.7 To approve the NPC and its affiliated bodies’ organizational structure according to the Constitution.
6.2.8 To approve or dissolve the NPC affiliated entities based on the relevant rules and regulations.
6.2.9 To approve the Bylaws of the General Assembly.
6.2.10 To elect the Legal Inspector.
6.2.11 To recommend the dissolution of the NPC to the Cabinet for considering and making the appropriate decision for legal actions, subject to two-third (2/3) majority votes.
6.2.12 To make decisions on any legal claims against the NPC aiming to reach a compromise and proceeding them for the arbitration and judges observing article 139 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


7  Members of the General Assembly
7.1 The president or one of the Management Board members of the sport federations, elected by the relevant federation Board, whose sports are recognized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and are active in Iran. (8 members).
7.2 The representatives of the sports that have been accepted as the members of International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and are active as the members of the national multi-sport federations (I. R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled and I. R. Iran Blind and Partially Blind Sports Federation) (One Representative per three sports and totally 4 members).
7.3 The representative of the State Welfare Organization (SWO).
Note: The representatives of any newly established Federation or newly Para sports will be added to General Assembly membership.
7.4 Five (5) Para sports experts at least two of whom shall be from women experts, elected by the Governing Board.
7.5 Minister of Sport and Youth, his/her three deputies in championship sport, Sports for All, women sports affairs.
7.6 NOC President or his/her representative.
7.7 Governing Board members.
7.8 Four (4) Iranian individuals who are the members of the International Organizations with priority for those having seats in IPC and the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), the International Federation of Intellectual Disability Sport (INAS), International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS), Cerebral Palsy International Sports & Recreation Association (CPISRA) whose positions duly endorsed by the NPC Governing Board, two of these individuals can be females if holding such positions.
7.9 The Chairman of NPC Academy.
7.10 The presidents of University Sports Federation, Student Sports Federation, Labor Sports Federation and Sport Medicine Federation. (total 4 members).
7.11 The Representative of I.R. Iran Broadcasting Organization.
7.12 One (1) female coach and one male coach, and one female referee and one male referee.
7.13 Two (2) male Paralympic Games medalists.
7.14 Two (2) female Paralympic Games medalists.


8  Membership Right
The members of the General Assembly are entitled to vote and submit their motions and comments and be heard at the General Assembly, nominate the candidates for the relevant sections of the NPC and to participate and be involved in the NPC activities.


9  Membership Obligation
The members of the General Assembly shall undertake to develop, promote and protect of the NPC vision and mission according to the NPC Rules and Regulations.


10  The General Assembly and the Elections shall be organized as follows:
10.1 The General Assembly shall be held at least once a year.
10.2 The Governing Board should decide about the date, place and the agenda of the General Assembly at least two months prior to the meeting.
10.3 The formal and written invitation letter should be sent out at least 45 days prior to the meeting along with Agenda, the NPC report, financial and auditory report and other relevant documents to the members of General Assembly.
10.4 The CEO shall prepare the Agenda of the General Assembly according to the motions received from the Governing Board or other members. If any of the General Assembly members have motion that they want to be heard at the General Assembly, they should send them to CEO at least thirty (30) days prior to sending out the General Assembly invitation in writing with any necessary description notes.
10.5 The quorum for the first session of the General Assembly is the attendance of 50 % plus one of the members.
10.6 The quorum for the second session of the General Assembly is the attendance of one- third (1/3) of the members unless the agenda is related to amendments to the Constitution, termination of membership of members or dissolution of the NPC for which two-third of the members are necessary to be present at such meetings.
10.7 The approvals of the General Assembly are valid once fifty per cent plus one of the members present at the meetings.
10.8 Should there not be a quorum for more than two meetings, the membership of those absent members will be terminated and substitute members will be elected according to this Constitution.
10.9 The Election of the President, vice-presidents (one of them shall be woman) and Treasurer will be valid with fifty per cent plus one vote of the present members with secret ballots for a four-year term of office.
Note: The members of the Governing Board can be re-elected for another term of office.
10.10 Election of the Governing Board members will be valid if the totals of 50% plus one of the present members are in favor. If no nominees receive 50% plus one of the votes cast in the first round of the election, the nominees with the most number of the votes cast in their favor (two times more than the required number of the elected positions) shall proceed to the next round of voting in the same voting session and those nominees with maximum votes in the second round will be elected as the valid members of the Governing Board.
Note: In case of death, resignation or expel of any of a General Assembly member, his/her relevant nominating body shall introduce the substitute to the NPC President.
10.11 Should any member of the Governing Board fail to attend the board meetings due to resignation, disablement, death or unexcused absence for more than three months, another person will be elected as his/her substitute in the first meeting of the next General Assembly according the Governing Board Election Procedures.
10.12 The members of the General Assembly who wish to nominate for various positions in the Governing Board, should nominate in person at the NPC office at least thirty (30) days prior to the election date and shall submit the required documents.
Note: The nomination criteria along with the necessary registration documents will be circulated according to the relevant Bylaw approved by the General Assembly.


11 The Extra-ordinary General Assembly shall be called for making decisions on the followings:
11.1 NPC Constitution Amendment
11.2 Membership Expelling and NPC Dissolution


12  The Extra-ordinary General Assembly shall be conducted as follows:
12.1 An extra-ordinary General Assembly can be called by the NPC President subject to the approval by the Governing Board or on demand by at least one-third (1/3) of the General Assembly members.
12.2 The official invitation should be sent out at least one (1) month prior to the extra- ordinary General Assembly along with agenda and other relevant documents to the members of General Assembly.


13  Membership in the General Assembly shall terminate:
13.1 For the representatives of the sport federation or sport organization:
13.1.1 The represented sport federation or organization is dissolved.
13.1.2 The membership of the relevant representative is terminated due to the loss of the membership eligibilities outlined in this Constitution.
13.2 For the membership of the Individual Members:
13.2.1 Death, resignation and loss of the position thereto s/he has become the member of the General Assembly.
13.2.2 Sentence to effective criminal punishment or deprived from the social rights.
13.3 Loss of membership ratified by the General Assembly, due to violation of the criteria for the membership outlined in this Constitution and / or IPC Handbook and Rules, the member shall have the right to be heard prior to any decision on termination.
Note: Any decision for the termination will be valid by at least two-thirds (2/3) majority votes after hearing opportunity to be given to the relevant member.


14  The Governing Board
NPC Board member shall comprise the following positions who are elected amongst and by the members of the General Assembly:
- One (1) President;
- Two (2) Vice Presidents (one male, one female);
- Six (6) Members at Large
- One (1) Treasurer; and
- One (1) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (reference to Article 15 Governing Board Functions Note 1)
Note 1: The Governing Board shall hold meeting at least once a month by the attendance of the majority members and NPC President chairs the meeting and one of the Vice- Presidents will get the floor in his/her absence.
Note 2: The Governing Board approvals will be valid subject to the majority votes attending the meeting. In case of a tie, the President vote will be considered as the final decision.
Note 3: The Governing Board meetings will be conducted according to the Bylaws approved by the Governing Board.


15  Governing Board Functions:
15.1 To plan and manage all technical and operational affairs in line with the decisions and approvals of the General Assembly.
15.2 To consider and recommend the financial, transactions and recruitment and organizational structure bylaws to be presented to the General Assembly.
15.3 To consider and approve the Strategic plans to support Para sports in Paralympic Games. To adopt the NPC annual program to be presented to the General Assembly.
15.4 To approve the CEO and the chairperson of the Paralympic Academy recommenced by the President.
15.5 Appointment of the NPC executive officials and chairpersons of commissions, recommended by CEO.
15.6 Nomination of national representatives to attend International meetings and conferences, recommended by CEO.
15.7 To support the sport federation representatives to become the members of International, Asian or World Organizations.
15.8 To recommend the establishment or dissolution of the NPC affiliated entities to be presented to the General Assembly.
15.9 To make decisions on the reports prepared for the General Assembly and, IPC and other relevant legal bodies.
15.10 Supervision on NPC current affairs.
15.11 To approve the appointment of CEO and the Chairman of the NPC Academy recommended by the President.
15.12 Any other functions considered for the Governing Board in this Constitution.
Note 1: The CEO will be appointed by the President’s order and will serve as the member of the Governing Board.
Note 2: Membership of the Governing Board is not considered as job except for CEO and Treasurer and the Governing Board members will receive compensation for his presence at the meetings based on relevant regulation.


16  CEO: Functions and Authorities
16.1 The CEO serves under the supervision of the President and is responsible for the NPC administrative and operational affairs through the Secretariat and has the following functions and authorities:
16.1.1 To implement the Governing Board approvals
16.1.2 To prepare, organize and attend the Governing Board meetings and the General Assembly, preparation of the agendas and sending out invitation letters for meetings and preparing the minutes of the meetings.
16.1.3 To be responsible for all national and international correspondence;
16.1.4 To prepare the NPC budget in cooperation with the Treasurer.
16.1.5 To make necessary coordination amongst the NPC departments.
16.1.6 To recommend the appointment of managers, staff and chairpersons of the commissions to the Governing Board and to represent NPC in the relevant judiciary, administrative and notary authorities.


17  Legal Inspector
17.1 The Legal Inspector Functions:
17.1.1 To report any infringements in the course of administration of the NPC and any violence of this Constitution, bylaws and regulations, in writing to the General Assembly and to the Governing Board.
17.1.2 To control and inspect the accounts, financial books, documents, revenues and cash and non-cash assets and securities.
17.1.3 To control and comment on the annual reports of the Governing Board, financial statements, annual budget settlement for the year before, and asset report and also the accuracy of the documents and information submitted by the Governing Board to the General Assembly.
17.1.4 To prepare a comprehensive report regarding the NPC situation to be circulated to the General Assembly members at least ten (10) days prior to the General Assembly.
17.1.5 To inspect and monitor on the regular basis for the NPC appropriate administration in full conformity with this Constitution, bylaws and national and international regulations especially in conjunction with the Paralympic Games, World Championships and Asian Para Games.
Note: The Legal Inspector may make any inspection and inquiry whenever s/he deems necessary and is entitled to have access to the NPC documents and information without interfering with the operational affairs of the NPC.


18  Finance
18.1 Treasurer is in charge of the financial affairs and keeping the NPC assets and must have the following qualifications:
18.1.1 Iranian Nationality
18.1.2 Holding B.A degree majoring in one of the relevant fields
18.1.3 Not having any effective sentencing record or punishment for the violence of social rights
Note: The Treasurer will act as the Accountant subject to meeting the eligibility defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Finance as well as its endorsement.
18.2 The functions and authorities of the Treasurer are as follows:
18.2.1 Supervision on activities related to the fund raising and collect donations.
18.2.2 Make efforts to collect the credits and the NPC funding.
18.2.3 Proper supervision on accounting, book keeping, transactions and relevant documentation.
18.2.4 To prepare the budget and to spend the approved budget in non-governmental section through coordination with CEO subject to the approved Rules and Regulations.
18.2.5 Supervision on all affairs pertaining to the expenses of the NPC.
18.2.6 To prepare and submit annual financial report and submit to the Governing Board to be presented in the General Assembly.
Note - Binding securities and documents are valid only by the signature of the NPC President or CEO (according to the NPC President devolve) and signature of the Treasurer or the Accountant as appropriate and by observing the public auditory regulations and the NPC official stamp.
NPC can establish specific commissions in Athletes, Legal and Judiciary, Sports for All and women sport affairs and its other scope of activities to get consultative and advisory comments.
18.3 The NPC financial resources are as follows:
18.3.1 Governmental Financial Supports
18.3.2 Donations or financial support of individuals or legal entities
18.3.3 Competitions, National Paralympic Day or Paralympic week revenues.
18.3.4 Revenues obtained by selling sports stamps and coins and Paralympic and Asian Para Games badges
18.3.5 Revenues    from    commercial    activities    within    the   framework    of    this Constitution.
18.3.6 Other revenues by the approval of the Governing Board such as sponsors and promotional materials and advertisements subject to observing the relevant rules and regulations.
Note: The NPC Fiscal year starts from March 22nd and ends on 21st March of the following year


19  NPC Commissions
NPC can establish specific commissions in Athletes, Legal and Judiciary, Sports for All and women sport affairs and its other scope of activities to get consultative and advisory comments.


20  Conflicts
In case of reticence, ambiguity and brief of the NPC Constitution articles, the national governing rules and IPC Handbook will be used as the reference


21  Dissolution of the NPC
21.1 Recommending the dissolution of the NPC to the Cabinet for considering and making the appropriate decision for legal actions is subject to the two-third (2/3) of majority votes. In case of dissolution, all the properties of the NPC will be transferred to I. R. Iran Ministry of Sports and Youth.