Para Swimming

Para swimming as one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Movement was featured at the first edition of the Paralympic Games in Rome 1960. This sport is classified according to the functional ability of the swimmers and is divided into three types of impairment: physical Impairment, visual Impairment and intellectual Impairment.
Para swimming made its debut in 1980 in Iran with the first national championships for the Iranian swimmers, and in 1993, a team of top Iranian swimmers were sent to the international tournament of war veterans in 1993.
Para swimming is now open for men and women in Iran and is practiced across 31 provinces. 
Physical Impairments
Cerebral palsy/acquired brain injury;
Spinal cord injury/polio; dwarfism
Others (Major joint restrictions, coordination restriction, limb paralysis/weakness)
Visual Impairments
Blind; visually impaired
Intellectual Impairments
Typically leads to the athletes having difficulties with regards to pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory, or having a slower reaction time, which impact on sport performance in general.

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