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Ahead of hosting a key Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) Executive Board meeting starting Saturday in Tehran, at a glance we review the EB structure.


NPC IRAN- Ahead of hosting a key APC Executive Board meeting (before Hangzhou APG) starting Saturday in Tehran, at a glance we review the EB structure.

The Asian Paralympic Committee is composed of a General Assembly, Executive Board, Management Team and various Committees.

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the APC. It meets once every two years and is composed of 45 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) located in the Asian region, organised in five sub-regional organisations (sub-regions); East Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and South East Asia.

Asia Map

The Executive Board of Asian Paralympic Committee is currently composed 16 members, of which six are elected through the APC General Assembly (President, two Vice-Presidents, Chair of Women in Sport Committee and two members at large)

The EB, collectively, is the representative of the APC General Assembly and responsible for setting the policies and for ensuring that the directions set by the membership at the General Assembly are implemented. It meets at least three times a year and meetings are chaired by the President.


APC Board Members


The 30th APC Session of the Executive Board will be chaired by President Majid Rashed at the NPC Iran headquarters in Tehran, from May 27 to 29, 2023.

The meeting will be attended by the representatives from the Asian NPCs of Japan, Philippines, China, South Korea, Uzbekistan, United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Malaysia.


The previous meeting of the APC Executive Board took place in Dubai, UAE, in December 2022.


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