Aug 26, 2023 14:13
news| paralympic| The Acting Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Congratulates Iran Men’s Judokas on their 2023 IBSA World Title
The Sport Minister congratulated Team Iran’s on their victories at the 2023 Judo World Championships.


Iran NPC, Tehran: In a message today, the Acting Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Kioumars Hashemi appreciated the great performance of national men’s Judokas to represent Team Iran at the 2023 Birmingham World Games, which ended on August 25th.

He said:

"Iran Men’s Judokas' World title, including three golds and a bronze, highlight our para-athletes’ determination and empowerment.

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on Judokas’ medal winning and their flag raising at the 2023 Worlds in Birmingham, UK, and to thank the technical staff, team managers and the officials of Iran Sports Federation for the Persons with Vision Impairments. We wish that such excellence of the squad will be continued for long in all of upcoming endeavors."

Source: Iran NPC
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