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Iran's NPC Newly-Elected President aims at the rise of women para sports
The newly-elected President of Iran National Paralympic Committee aimed at the equity through collective action.

Iran's NPC new President Dr. Ghafoor Karegari aimed at the equity through collective action.


 Equity through collective action

In a meeting which took place at the NPC headquarters in Tehran, Dr. Karegari spoke to the members of national paralympic committee on Tuesday, 20 December 2022.

The NPC's Chairman stated that the target is the same as before, but Iran Paralympic Movement should be renewed to a more inclusive basis.

"The rise of women para sports and talent identification will be considered as our main objectives. NPC Iran is committed to improving the opportunities for women para-athletes.

 There have been spell-binding moments from Iranian female athletes throughout the Paralympics such as unforgettable performance at the Tokyo Javelin throw event from Iran's Hashemiyeh Motaghian; Zahra Nemati adding to her tally three Paralympic titles and lots of international fame in the Archery; and Iran’s three-time Paralympic champion Sareh Javanmardi who has cemented her position as one of the best shooting pare athletes in the world," Dr. Karegari pointed out."

"These athletes have now become the beacons of inspiration for women with impairments in the national and global levels. As Iranian female athletes have proven to be highly influential and it is our duty to create a supportive system which will rise the women’s para sports," he added.


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To continue the glory

Dr. Karegari praised the leadership of the NPC Iran's ex-president, "Under Mr. Khosravi Vafa’s watch, the NPC has developed a reputation for strong governance and integrity, growing Iran's Para sports globally and staging sport events that transform and enrich the lives of many of people across the country."

"Now, it is time for us to continue the glory and improve the path. Solidarity and cooperation are the keys to the success so together we can," he stated.

Concluding the meeting he said, "the Hangzhou Para Asian Games would be the perfect stage to build on our success before looking ahead to Paris and we will work hard to get the best results."

The NPC’s President promised the full commitment in aiding the sports federations to pave the way for the Para Asian Games.


Dr. Ghafoor Karegari elected as the new President of I.R. Iran NPC, replacing Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa in this post, 13 December 2022.

The Iranian Para athletes claimed 51 gold, 43 silver and 42 bronze medals in 2018 Jakarta, with the nation placing 3rd in the medals table.


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