Monday, Nov 9, 2015 11:30
8 November 2015 certainly was named to Nemati as she in an event beside abled archers in Thailand could secure Olympic slot for Rio 2016. During recent months she exercised with able bodied athletes to prove herself to go Rio Olympics and ultimately she shocked the world of archery with her outstanding performance to add glory to whole Paralympic movement.

"Today is considered to me as a historical day. I do my bests to catch honor in Olympic and Paralympic Games; simultaneously. It was not so far and I am so happy to get that since I motivate all archers in my country." She added.

"I remain in Thailand to join Paralympians team come here to save slot for Rio Paralympic Games. It is not the end since I made my dreams upper than I imagine. "

Iran's NPC President praised her due to extraordinary result kept for Iran yesterday. Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa pointed to the victory caught in Thailand to set a memorable day for Paralympic movement in the country. In a press conference he explored the victory as for the first time in the country a different abled athlete secured ticket for Olympics. "It was beyond the sports. I hereby congratulate this event to IRI NOC and Ministry of Sport &Youth. I hope all media burnish the news came out from Thailand."

IRI NPC in these two days received so many warm messages from different bodies including NOC President, and all involved in sports. 

It is expected the story of Nemati considered as a turning point to inspire the world.

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