Saturday, Oct 17, 2015 06:47

 This day Mr. Lemke; UN Secretary General Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace met Mr. Hashemi; National Olympic Committee President in his office. NOC President pointed to Mr. Lemke's 18-year experience in SV Werder Beremen Football Club and different sport fields including highlighted position in UN to make future for the sports. He then explained sport for all efforts especially for people with disabilities as all ones activating in this field rightly managed them to get proud for the country. Mr. Lemke announced his feeling about changes happened during these years and his desire to personally deliver his message to audience, closely in the event.



Mr. Lemke also had a visit with Dr. Goudarzi; Minister of Youth & Sport to exchange ideas in the field of sport. In this meeting Mr. Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa accompanied the UN delegate.



In the evening, Mr. Lemke flied to Geneva. Thanks so much for your kindly participation.

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