Jul 7, 2015 10:32

A Code to Consolidate Sports for the People with Impairments in Iran

In line with National Paralympic Day (16th October) inclusion in annual calendar to get more support of high state officials; The Supreme Cultural Revolution Council (SCRC) in its formal letter announced to the state entities: "The Code of Sport Involvement Promotion, Health, Fun, Empowerment Support, and Reaching Glory of the People with Impairments through Sports".

The Code which approved on 29 April 2015 by Public Cultural Council, mandates all state entities, organizations which benefited from national budget to activate disabled board / association (s) in their sport bodies, budget allocation to sport venues or equipment designed for disabled, National Paralympic Day support, and also covering their families, etc.

The code established details of the plan and some missions for the Islamic Parliament, Ministry of Sport & Youth, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Isaar Foundation, Ministry of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, High Council of Provinces, I.R. Iran Broadcasting, Military of High Command Staff, I.R. Iran Red Crescent, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, etc.

N.B. Established in 1984, SCRC chaired by I.R. Iran President. This council debates and approves its own relevant issues and authorized to policy making, approval of codes, and supervision to make sure all them on the right of the missions.

SCRC from its born in the country could form some committees, organizations. It is hoped in the future sport for the disabled can experience more development due to recent decision.   

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