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22nd I.R. Iran National Powerlifting Championships in Tehran


26-28 May 2015, I.R.Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled host National Powerlifting Competitions under supervision of IPC and glorified by the attendance of IPC Powerlifting Chairperson; John Amos.

86 lifters from 16 provinces, in weights: 49, 54, 59, 65, 72, 80, 88, 97, 107, +107 competed in the event.

The event was the second IPC supervised competitions in Iran; five international officials from Iraq, Bahrain, Malaysia, Great Britain, and seven officials from the country judged the competitions.



Mr. Azzam Al-Zubi, IPC Head of Officiating also attended as the special guest to observe the Championships.

Before this competition, Iran only had 84 internationally classified lifters that after classification done in this event, the numbers increased to 110 lifters.



Beside the competitions, Mr. Amos, and other invited guests visited the federation sport complex and also national teams' camp.

Siamand Rahman, the world strongest powerlifter entered and succeeded to lift 290 kg to save record for himself in +107 kg.


Also, a classification course conducted by Mr. Osama Bodumi; Algerian Classification instructor, for the Iranian classifiers. The class concluded after theoretical and practical tests which resulted to certify seven classifiers at the national level.


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