Jun 8, 2024 08:30
news| paralympic| Iranian Para Swimmers Follow Paris 2024 Preparation at Azadi Pool
PI Swimmers kick off new round of national training in road to Paris 2024.


Iran NPC, Tehran: National Para Swimmers resume their trainings in eighth Paris 2024 preparation camp on 7 Jun 2024.

Sina Zeighaminejad and Shahin Izadyar have joined the camp under the lead of Alireza Izadi as the head coach to boost their skills at Tehran’s Azadi Sport Complex Pool before upcoming Paralympic Games.

Organized by I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Enabled (IRISFE) in partnership with NPC, training sessions are due to conclude on Jun 16th.

Iranian PI Para Swimmers have already secured two quota places for 2024 Paralympic Games.

Source: Iran NPC
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