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Milano Cortina 2026 unveils Paralympic and Olympic mascots, Milo and Tina

paralympic| news| Milano Cortina 2026 unveils Paralympic and Olympic mascots, Milo and Tina
Milo and Tina are two stoats that will welcome athletes and spectators from around the world.
The Milano Cortina 2026 Organising Committee revealed the Paralympic and Olympic Winter Games mascots on Wednesday, 7 February. Milo and Tina are two stoats that embody the Italian spirit in welcoming athletes and fans from around the world. 
Milo, with a brown coat, is the Paralympic mascot, while his sister Tina represents the Olympics. The siblings were revealed at the Sanremo music festival in Italy, creating excitement with about two years to go until the Games. 
Their names are the diminutives of the two host cities – Milo for Milano and Tina for Cortina. While the two mascots look similar, they are not identical.

Milo Mascot 

Meet Milo and Tina

Milo, the Paralympic mascot, is a dreamer and loves to play in the snow. He lives in the mountains and invents his own musical instruments in his spare time. Born without a paw, Milo learned how to walk with his tail.
Tina, who lives in the city, is creative and enjoys going to concerts and shows that have introduced her to the transformative force of beauty. The sentence that represents her is ‘Dream big!’. 

Tina Olympic Mascot

The siblings are on a journey to Milano Cortina 2026 after waking up one day to find a “new light” in the distance. They let their curiosity guide them and followed the light, which turned out to be the light of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 
The two mascots, however, will not be alone on the road to Milano Cortina 2026. They will be accompanied by six little snowdrops, The Flo. The little flowers will be Tina and Milo’s best friends, bringing fun, games and happiness to the great adventure of Milano Cortina 2026. 
Creative process
The unveiling of the mascots marks the end of the creative phase that started with a collaboration between the Organising Committee and the Italian Ministry of Education, involving primary and secondary school students who submitted over 1,600 creative ideas. 
One year ago, two ideas were shortlisted and presented for a public poll at the Sanremo music festival. The ideas were stoats designed by students of the Istituto Comprensivo of Taverna from the region of Calabria and snowdrops proposed by students at the Istituto Comprensivo Sabin of Segrate in the region of Lombardia.


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