Apr 30, 2015 08:12

Sadly, Iranian Senior Athlete Passes Away

Sadly, Iranian Senior Athlete Passes Away

Hossein Barghchi, one of the honorable history athletes in Athletics died. Long ago, he has been a member of national Athletics team; due to an accident in Asian competitions was injured and since then he continued his sport career as a CP athlete.

Although he couldn't move rightly and even talk, his self -determination caused him to resist against disability and returned him to the field of play, but this time in sport with disability. During serving in national Athletics team in three Paralympic editions; he always came back home as a medalist; 1992 Barcelona (silver), 1996 Atlanta (gold), and 2000 Sydney (bronze).


Barghchi who is considered as an icon of inspiration to next generation said goodbye to life at the age of 80s in his home town; Mashhad.

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