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Iran NPC to Hold the 23rd Annual General Assembly

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National Paralympic Committee of Iran will hold its Annual General Assembly in Tehran on Tuesday.


Iran NPC, Tehran: The 23rd edition of National Paralympic Committee Annual General Assembly (GA) is set to hold in Tehran, Tuesday on January 9, 2024.

The GA will be chaired by I.R. Iran’s Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs and the key topics on the agenda will include an update on preparations for Paris 2024,  NPC annual report and the budgets and financial report.
This year’s NPC General Assembly will also feature an election for the NPC Governing Board for Treasurer position.
The meeting will be attended by Iran’s Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs accompanied by his Deputies, IRI Olympic President and Secretary General, NPC President Dr. Ghafoor Karegary and other NPC officials, the representatives of the National Cooperative Federations (NCFs), para sports experts, para-athletes’ representatives, coaches’ representatives, the other GA members and the NPC's personnel.
The 22nd General and Electoral Assembly of NPC Iran took place on December 13, 2022. The assembly elected Dr. Ghafoor Karegary as the new President of IRI National Paralympic Committee and also the NPC new Governing and Executive board members.


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