Dec 25, 2023 16:04
news| paralympic| Emblem and slogan unveiled for 5th APG Aichi-Nagoya 2026| Imagine One Heart
The organising committee of the 2026 Asian Para Games unveiled emblem and slogan of the 5th Asian Para Games.


Iran NPC, Tehran: The organising committee of the 2026 Asian Para Games (AINAGOC) today unveiled the emblem and official slogan which will be used for the games taking place in the City of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture from 18-24 October 2026.

The emblem utilises similar shapes to those used in the Asian Games emblem but has its own unique identity.

The slogan, Imagine One Heart captures how the Asian Para Games helps to break down barriers between persons with and without impairment, showing that we have much in common that unites us.
Asian Paralympic Committee President Majid Rashed commented; ‘It’s always an exciting moment when the emblem and slogan for the Asian Para Games are revealed. We are delighted that these are being unveiled now – they act like the starting gun to build the excitement ahead of the Games. We are sure that the people of Aichi Prefecture and the city of Nagoya will take them to their hearts, just as they will with the para-athletes in three years’ time’.

An expected 3600 – 4000 athletes from 45 National Paralympic Committees will compete in 18 sports. These will be the 5th Asian Para Games which is the largest para-sport event after the Paralympic Games.
Source: APC website
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