Oct 29, 2023 14:56
news| paralympic| President Raeisi Congratulates Team Iran's 2nd place at Hangzhou Para Asian Games
President Ebrahim Raeisi offered congratulations on becoming vice-champions by Iranian para sports people in the Asian Para Games in China's Hangzhou.


Iran NPC, Tehran: President Ebrahim Raeisi offered his congratulations on Team Iran's second place in the ranking of medals table at Hangzhou Asian Para Games.
 "The Fourth Asian Para Games was a huge of honor and pride for Islamic Iran's sports community. Iranian determined Para athletes competed so powerfully and decisively to rank the second place in the medal's table of the event," President Raeisi said.
"I congratulate on this victory to all of you and every hero and athlete and those who sincerely and professionally put good efforts in preparing the delegation for achieving this great success," Mr. president continued.

Iran made history at the 4th Asian Para Games- held in Hangzhou, China- by its ranking at the second place of medals table after winning 44 gold medals, 46 silver medals, and 41 bronze medals and a total of 131 medals, standing above Japan and South Korea."

Source: Iran NPC
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