Sep 23, 2023 08:35
news| paralympic| Iranian VI Swimmer Starts Last Round of Hangzhou Trainings
Iran’s swimmer enters the 16th round of national training camp in Tehran, today.


Iran NPC, Tehran: The Iranian swimmer with a vision impairment Mohammadhossein Karimi makes a splash at Azadi Pool in Tehran from today (23 Sep), as IRISFB reports.

Training sessions conduct under the lead of coach Hamid Sharifian and the S&C coach Dr. Ali Gorzi until 18 September 2023 to prepare for the upcoming Asian Para Games.

Karimi had achieved a bronze medal at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Para Games.

Featuring 22 sports, the 4th edition of the APG will be hosted in Hangzhou, China from October 22-28, 2023.

Source: Iran NPC
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