Sep 13, 2023 09:30
news| paralympic| Para Cyclists Ride to Prepare for Hangzhou Race
Iranian Para Cyclists resume their trainings for Hangzhou Asian Para Games.


Iran NPC, Tehran: National Track and Road riders attend the new round of training sessions which are being held in two cities of Iran from 26 September.

Organized by National Cycling Federation, with Iran NPC’s Partnership, the new para cycling camp includes four male riders who are following their preparation for Hangzhou Asian Para Games, under the lead of coach Alireza Makvandi in Tehran and coach Farhad Osfouri in Lorestan.

Training sessions will last until September 21st in two division groups, as follows:

Mohammad Dalir Heidarabadi (B) and Reza Rashno (as Pilot) are riding in Tehran camp, while Mahdi Mohammadi (C5) and Behrouz Farzad attend Lorestan Camp.

Iran seized one cycling bronze medal at 2018 Asian Para Games.

Source: Iran NPC
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