Sep 5, 2023 09:16
news| paralympic| Para Swimmers to Make Splash at Azadi Swimming Pool from 8 September
With Asian Para Games in mind, para swimmers will attend a new preparatory camp in Tehran.


Iran NPC, Tehran: Four national para athletes are to restart 19th round of their trainings with a splash at the swimming pool of Azadi Sport Complex in Tehran on Friday (8 Sep).

The national camp has been staged by I. R. Iran Sports Federation for the Persons with Disabilities (IRISFD) and National Paralympic Committee's support to prepare the squad for the 4th Edition of Asian Para Games.

Alireza Izadi will conduct training sessions as the head coach, along with the coaches Hamid Hasani Sadi and Saeid Sanjari. Ali Gorzi will accompany the squad as S&C coach until September 21, 2023.

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Para swimmers shortlisted for the camp:

Shahin Izadyar, Sina Zeyghaminejad, Abolfazl Negarestani, Abolfazl Zarifpour.


The 4th Asian Para Games will be held in Hangzhou, China from 22 to 28 October 2023.

Iranian para swimmers claimed 8 medals (6 Gold, 1 Silver and Bronze) at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Para Games.


Source: Iran NPC
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