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NPC President Climbs to the Top of Mount Sabalan: To Be Part of the Movement

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Iran NPC President climbs to the top of Iran’s Mount Sabalan.


Iran NPC, Tehran- The President of National Paralympic Committee of Iran Dr. Ghafoor Karegary stood on the summit of Mount Sabalan, for third time on Sunday August 6th, 2023.

“The sport managers and the members of its governing bodies shall be pioneer to build physical activity into their lives. We should improve the society's health, invite more the people to sports and encourage athletes to continue their path. So, be a part of the movement and raise the awareness!” Dr. Karegari said.

NPC President has been launched a national campaign (from July 2023) to draw the attention of the national sport’s governing bodies and also the public towards the significant roles of sport in changing the life and people’s long-term health condition.

Representing Iran Paralympic Movement’s values, Dr. Karegari is to continue his summits. On the behalf of the Paralympic Family, he also tries to promote sports and highlights the efforts of Para athletes -who are living with a variety of conditions on their own journeys to being active.

NPC President –who has been involved in mountain climbing over the past years-

commenced the campaign on Friday 21 July 2023 and climbed to the top of Iran’s Mount Alam.

NPC President Summits Mount Sabalan


Mount Sabalan (Savalan in Azerbaijani) is the third most prominent peak in Iran with 4811 meters of altitude and is located in the northwestern part of Iran in Ardabil province. Scientists believe Sabalan to be a potentially active volcano. It is also slightly higher than Mont Blanc in the Alps.

The lake located on the Soltan peak (the main peak of Sabalan) makes it one of the unique mountains in Iran. This magnificent lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran. It’s nearly 16 meters deep and is frozen for most of the year.


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