Jul 24, 2023 14:14
news| paralympic| Iran Para Powerlifting Unveils National Roster for Dubai 2023 World Championships
The 11 Iranian para powerlifters are to head Dubai for participating at the 2023 World Championships.


Iran NPC, Tehran- A total of 11 athletes, including nine men and two women, will be send to Dubai Para Powerlifting World stage.

The 2023 Para Powerlifting (WPPO) World Championships, which will commence in Dubai on August 22nd and run until the 30th, is a compulsory tournament to qualify for the 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris.

Here are all 11 athletes that will compete for Iran:


Team Iran at the event

Men’s Roster:

Mohsen Bakhtiar (59 Kg)

Amir Jafari (65 Kg)

Ali Seifi (65 Kg)

Rouhollah Rostami (80 Kg)

Hamed Solhipour (97 Kg)

Aliakbar Gharibshahi (107 Kg)

Saman Razi (107 Kg)

Ahmad Aminzadeh (over 107)

Mahdi Sayadi (over 107)


Women’s Roster:

Mahdieh Mohammadian

Nikoo Roozbahani


Source: Iran NPC
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