Jul 17, 2023 15:45
news| paralympic| NPC Congratulatory Message on Team Iran Achievements at 2023 Para Athletics World Champ
A National Virtual Sports Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities will be established.


Iran NPC, Tehran - During NPC's today press conference Dr. Ghafoor Karegary announced that Iran Sports Minister has been approved the establishment of a National Federation for the Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities (including athletes with autism and down syndrome).

NPC President said that athletes with intellectual disabilities represent a unique population with special needs.

"Despite the growth of the Paralympic movement, the space available to people with a range of different intellectual impairments remains fairly limited even within the eligible sports," he added.
Dr. Karegary concluded that the establishment of an independent National Federation will definitely improve the sports for the target group across the country.


Source: Iran NPC
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