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Iran NPC held a press conference in Tehran, today.


Iran NPC, Tehran- With 96 days remaining before the Hangzhou Asian Para Games (APG), National Paralympic Committee of Iran held a press conference for the local media and reporters at the NPC’s headquarters on Monday (17 July).

Opening his speech, President Karegary stated: "We are delighted to receive your comments today, since media is an effective tool in the world and Iran NPC aims to cooperate with media more than before. Through media coverage National Paralympic Movement will be developed across the country.

Regarding the ongoing Paris’23 Para Athletics World Championships, Iranian Para athletes' outstanding performances and their honorary achievements are constantly growing."

He added: "I like to express my enormous admiration for the path that NPC former President Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa have been paved for us and the exceptional work he has done to organize Iran Para Sports. Now, we are to continue his legacy and the path."

"Iran NPC moves based on its strategic plan. We are to reach the maximum quality of minimum quantity.
NPC budget and para-athletes' capabilities are two effective factors in the total number of the athletes to be sent to the sporting events. Therefore, sending highly qualified and well-prepared individuals and teams to the competitions is our first priority.
Iran's fourth Asian appearance is also priority at Hangzhou Para Asian Games.
Accordingly, we visit national preparatory camps weekly. It's on the agenda to supervise national federations, teams, technical staff and activities one by one," NPC President mentioned.

Dr. Karegary said: "Athletics and Swimming are two important para sports based on their events variety and medals distribution. NPC is mainly to focus on the growth of these major sports in the country."

Concluding the speech NPC President pointed out: "Iran finished in third place at the 2018 APG. It will be a tough work to keep the position. Asian rivals are progressing as well so we must do our best to retain our spot".

Hangzhou APG will take place from October 22 to 28. An estimated 3,000 athletes will compete across 22 sports.


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