Jul 14, 2023 23:50
paralympic| news| Hangzhou Asian Para Games medals unveil with 100 days to go
Hangzhou medals show the "Osmanthus Grace" of the 4th Asian Para Games.

Handout photo released on July 14, 2023 shows the medals "Osmanthus Grace" of the 4th APG.

With 100 days remaining before the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, the design of the medals and the materials to be used at award ceremonies were revealed on Friday at an event held at Fuyang Water Sports Center.

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The medals, named "Osmanthus Grace," draw inspiration from Liangzhu Jade and the sweet osmanthus, Hangzhou's city flower that blooms in the fall. The design embodies the sportsmanship of reaching great heights through diligence and self-challenge. 

The obverse of the medal features the emblem of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games at the center, encircled by osmanthus flowers.

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On the reverse, the emblem of the Asian Paralympic Committee is at the heart, surrounded by Braille denoting the 4th Asian Para Games gold/silver/bronze medal. In line with the green concept of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games, the medals will be affixed to a hand-stitched ribbon crafted using brocade jacquard technology and environmentally friendly printing techniques. A bridge-shaped buckle at the top echoes the Jiangnan characteristics of the water town and bridge town.

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Hangzhou Asian Para Games unveiled Medal 700x456

Hangzhou Fourth APG Medals

Hangzhou Unveils APG Medals

Hangzhou Gold

Hangzhou Gold reverse Side 700x456


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