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NPC President Visits National Para Archery Camp Ahead of 2023 World Championships

paralympic| news| NPC President Visits National Para Archery Ahead of 2023 World Championships
President Karegary visited Iran para archery national camp on Wednesday.


Iran NPC, Tehran- Ahead of the 2023 Para Archery World Championships, Iran NPC President Dr. Ghafoor Karegary paid a visit to the national training camp.

Accompanied by NPC Sports Deputy Dr. Saeid Solgi, President Karegary spoke with the athletes and the technical staff to be sent to the Pilsen World Championships. During the visit, he learned about the preparation process of Team Iran for the upcoming competitions.
Remarking Iranian para-athletes' determination and their great capabilities, Dr. Karegary wished success for the delegation at the event. 
Para Archery 2023 World Championships will be conducted in Pilsen, Czech Republic from July 17th to 23rd.


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Source: Iran NPC
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