Jun 18, 2023 14:14
Iranian NOC and NPC Sign MoU with ZAMZAM Drinking Co.
During an official ceremony, Iranian NOC and NPC signed a MoU with ZamZam Company.


Iran NPC; Tehran- A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the National Olympic (NOC) and Paralympic Committees (NPC) and the ZAMZAM Drinking Co was signed on 8 March at the ZamZam Conferences Hall in Tehran.

The MoU, signed by NOC President Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa, NPC President Dr. Ghafoor Karegari and Managing Director of ZamZam Compay, follows Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of ZamZam, which aims to evaluate and meet Iran’s sports community requirements for a variety of beneficial sports drinks and beverages by the experts and specialists of the parties according to the highest international scientific and technical standards, being consulted by the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

Iran’s wrestling champion Hassan Yazdani was also introduced by Zamzam company as its Brand Ambassador.

Iran NPC & ZamZam MoU 3

ZamZam Iran Co. as the oldest and biggest drink manufacturer in I.R. Iran has always paid special attention to the development of the Paralympic Movement across the country. During recent years, ZamZam Iran Co. has aimed at promoting disability inclusion as one of the key values of the company.

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Source: Iran NPC
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