Monday, Feb 9, 2015 07:00
the first boccia national club championships in tehran
February 2015, Tehran hosted the first Boccia Club Tournament. These competitions held on two categories; men and women teams from different parts of the country. Amazingly, this event welcomed by huge Iranian fans; especially women and athletes with disabilities' families. At the men group; 12 teams in the form of 4 classes competed and ultimately Zanjan Sports Board for the Disabled stepped on first position and Kahrizak Charity Foundation First Team and Second Team, respectively followed Zanjan.

But at the Women group the result had another face; 9 teams in two groups comprising 70 athletes in BC1-BC4.

At the top, Samen Al Hojaj was ahead with 9 points; Zanjan Board got the second position with 6 points; Kahrizak Charity Foundation # Tehran stepped at the third rank.

Some teams like Eastern Azerbaijan for the first time decided to take part in the events. It is expected that  in next coming years  we can witness the growth of the  Boccia national club teams  attending national championships.

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