May 29, 2023 21:50
Dr. Karegari Iran is ready to contribute to the joint efforts| Joint Summit of APC and NPC Boards
The EB members of Asian Paralympic Committee and Iran NPC holds a joint Summit, today.


NPC IRAN- Concluding the APC Executive Board meeting, a joint summit of APC and NPC Board held in Tehran, today on May 29th.

The summit involved APC EBs, NPC Governing Board, representatives of National Federations and Paralympic champions Sareh Javanmardi and Zahra Nemati.

Opening the meeting, Dr. Karegari introduced Iranian NPC Board members and reviewed the history of Iran sports for the persons with disabilities' formation.

NPC President briefly mentioned the honorary achievements of Iranian individuals at the Asian and Paralympics Games including the late Siamand Rahman, Zahra Nemati and Sareh Javanmardi, and also successful Sitting Volleyball Squad.


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He noted that these honours have been achieved through the management of Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa, the previous Head of National Paralympic Committee.

Following the EB members' visit of National Paralympic Academy, Dr. Karegari emphasized on Iran possibilities and said:

"The Academy consists of ten departments, running a wide range of projects and scientific studies for educational purposes.

Regarding Iranian nature and Tochal Skiing resort, we have also great potential for hosting Winter Sports Games.

We are ready to contribute to the joint efforts." 

Meanwhile, Women’s Sport Vice-President of Iran NPC Dr. Maryam Kazemipour, offered some suggestions to push forward Women’s Para Sports in our region.

Following an in-depth discussion on the Iran's present potentials, the head of National Federations also briefed their activities in developing Para Sports.

Concluding the summit, APC Chair in Women Sports and APC Athletes Representative appreciated the honorary achievements of Iranian males and female athletes. 

The 30th APC Executive Board Session was held in Tehran from May 27-28, 2023.

Source: NPC Iran
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