Feb 7, 2015 08:01
Iranian President Honors Ghadir Squad to Incheon 2014
January 30, Islamic Conference Hall witnessed an enormous gathering of Iranian sport family; Olympic and Paralympic members; all medalists and high sport ranked officials from all federations, also staff involved 2014 Incheon Games. The praising ceremony was held on the continuous previous hailing gathering by Supreme Leader last week.

President Hassan Rouhani extended his deep gratitude to sport family due to recent achievements in the games; stressed that the role grass root sports to make bed for the future successes; making grounds for the sports for all promotion especially women.

As your hand goes up by the referee as sign of victory, all Iranian nation found itself victorious. Your glorious results at international scenes motivate the society; He added.

Further, Mr. Khosravi Vafa; I.R.I NPC President alongside Sareh Javan Mardi, and Siamand Rahman received the medalists' prizes.

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