Mar 7, 2023 14:07
Iranian para shooters follow Hangzhou preparations
The national para rifle and pistol shooters are in action from today 7 March at Iran Sports Federation for the Persons with disabilities (IRISFD).


The 14th training camp for Iran's national team kicks off at the IRISFD's shooting range  on Tuesday, 7 March .

The five para athletes are training with head coaches Hossein Amiri and Khadijeh Barmaki, the coaches Zahra Alibeigi and Ebrahim Rahimi until March 17 in Tehran.

The aim of this ten-day training camp is to sharpen the athletes' skills for the Hangzhou Para Asian Games.


The list of invited para shooters who are boosting their skills at camp:

Sareh Javanmardi, Nasrin Shahi, Seyed Mohammadreza Mirshafiei, Roghayeh Shojaei and Zahra Gholamzadeh.

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