Mar 4, 2023 14:31
Thirteen players called for the men’s goalball Hangzhou preparatory camp
The new round of national preparatory camp for men's goalball team is already underway in Mazandaran province.


According to the IRISFB, the sixteenth round of national men's goalball preparatory camp has been commenced at the Mazandaran’s Shahid Azimi Sport Complex, from March 4th.

Preparing to attend in the fourth Asian Para Games, the camp is running under supervision of head coach Bahman Dousti Vala. The coaches Afshin Zand Karimi and Ali Akbar Abrishami assisted him in training sessions.


Thirteen players who are called up to the camp:

Mohammad Parnia, Mostafa Shahbazi, Mohammad Rezaei, Mahdi Abbasi, Mohammad Mahdi Nafisi Nasab, Mohsen Abdolmaleki, Reza Avaznejad Tavakoli, Jalal Kahraze’ei, Amin Karimi, Mohammad Mahdi Zare’ei, Amir Mohammad Bahrami, Khalil Shahriar Nasab and Milad Souri

The camp will be concluded on 10 March.

Iran’s men’s goalball team won the gold medal of the 2018 Asian Para Games.

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