Dec 25, 2022 10:45
The Focus of NPC Governing and Executive Boards on Preparation for Asian Para Games
At the first meeting of the Governing and Executing boards of the NPC Iran, which took place after the Presidential election of National Paralympic Committee, the boards discussed many of the issues currently encountered in the Hangzhou preparation process.


The National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Governing and Executive Boards held the first session after the Presidential election with a strong focus on the process of preparing for Asian Para Games.


Para-athletes’ classification, medal standing and national training camps

 After a detailed review of the reports received from impacted national federations and presentations on the state of preparations, the board's members discussed many of the issues currently encountered in the Hangzhou path such as para-athletes’ classification, medal standing and national training camps.


Based on the vision for the Games and core concepts, they explained such matters as the expansion of the framework for preparations individuals and the teams, measures for enhancing records, and the progress of the review of national camps in the federations.


NPC Iran President: Developing  Women’s Para Sports, essential for the long-term growth of the Movement

At the meeting, NPC President Dr. Ghafoor Karegari to lead a strategic review of the missions and visions of Iran Paralympic Committee said: "Developing the Women’s Para Sports is essential for the long-term growth of the Iran Paralympic Movement. Therefore, it is very important for us support this process and I am certain that equal opportunities would have a significant social impact as well."
"It is vital to review the preparation reports, to discuss the challenges and opportunities and to create the space for sharing the issues. It is also valuable that the Boards, the NPC Committee and the management Hangzhou team are all aligned on the direction we need to go."


Concluding the meeting, it was approved that the mutual connections between the NPC and National Federations to be improved, and further reviews to be analyzed in the next session.


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