Dec 4, 2022 11:40
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IRI National Paralympic Committee (NPC) announces the list of confirmed candidates for the December’s election.

IRI National Paralympic Committee (NPC) announces the list of confirmed candidates for the December’s election.

Following the review of the registrations validity and candidates’ eligibility, 21 nominees were confirmed for electing new Governing and Executive Boards.

In accordance with Iran NPC Charter, the nomination held for positions of president, vice-presidents, treasurer, inspector and members of Executive Boards, within 15 days, from October 30 to November 13.


Confirmed Nominees are as below:

Iran NPC Presidential Candidates

 Seyed Mohammad Seyyed Mohammad Shervin Asbaghian, Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar, Mohammadreza Mazloumi, Ghafour Kargari and Jalil Koupayeh Zadeh


The First Vice-President Candidates

 Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar, Ghafour Kargari and Hadi Rezaei


The Women’s Sport Vice- President Candidates

 Maryam Kazemi Pour, Sima Limouchi, Mozhgan Nasiri Zahed, Roghayeh Allah Karami, Maryam Shokouhi and Fariba Mohammadi

Sima Limouchi currently serves as the Women’s Sport Vice- President of NPC Iran.


The Inspectors’ Candidates

 Ali Kashfia, Seyed Ghasem Ghasemi and Amir Mandegarfard


The Treasurer Candidates

 Naeimeh Naeimi, Mohammadtaghi Nami, and Mahdi Goudarzi.

Naeimi is the current treasurer of the NPC.


The Candidates for the Executive Board Members include:

Maryam Kazemi Pour, Sima Limouchi, Mozhgan Nasiri, Roghayeh Allah Karami, Maryam Shokouhi, Elaheh Sheieh, Fariba Mohammadi, Seyed Mohammad Shervin Asbaghian, Mohammad Kazem Vaez Mousavi, Ali Kashfia, Seyed Ghasem Ghasemi, Amir Mandegarfard, Mohammadreza Mazloumi, Abbas Nazarian and Jalil Koupayeh Zadeh and Hadi Rezaei.


The NPC will hold its General Assembly in Tehran on 13 December 2022, electing new President, Governing and Executive Boards.

Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa has been elected as the new President of the Iran National Olympic Committee for a four-year term on August 28, 2022. Following the election he is now serving as President of both the Iran NOC and NPC, having held the NPC post since 2001.

He has also served as President of the Iranian Sports Federation for the Disabled from 1981 to 2017.


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