Nov 27, 2022 10:03
Now Dream, Tomorrow Paralympian: Iranian Para Badminton Players attend in KPC 2022 Youth Camp

NPC Iran- Under the slogan, “Now Dream, Tomorrow Paralympians,” the Korea Paralympic Committee (KPC) organised the 2022 Youth Para Sports Camp held from 9 - 17 November with the aim to foster potential young athletes and allow them to learn from para-athletes and contribute to the growth of para-sports in developing countries.


Three Iranian Para Badminton’s participants were athletes Mohammadreza Darabi (SU4), Sana Bagheri (SL4) and coach Manizheh Siah.

Attending in the training camp is part of efforts and strategic objectives of the NPC-Iran to nurture and develop more youth athletes in a variety of sports codes in preparation for the future national and international competitions.

Following Iranian para badminton athletes’ participation in the camp, KPC dedicated 40 Badminton rackets to NPC Iran.


iran para badminton


The camp was held for the youth athletes (born in 1998 - 2008) with Physical Impairment at KPC Icheon Training Centre, a multi-training sports complex exclusively established for South Korean national para-athletes.

The training programs performed under top-notch coaches, world class facilities and perfect condition. The appropriate number of people in each class were divided and trained according to the group characteristics and levels.

In all 60 athletes with impairments and coaches from different countries were involved in the 9 days’ event, including Guinea, Ghana, Poland, Guatemala, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Uzbekistan as well as the host country Korea.

The main events of the camp were Sports Academy training in two Sports Codes: Badminton and Archery. Participants also had the chance to tour South Korea and experience the culture and tradition.

Athletes who were attended in the Camp were received a medal bearing the event’s logo and a certificate of participation.


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