Oct 16, 2022 10:59
APC President: Thanked NPC members of Iran for all their hard work in putting on this event

Attending in the 15th ceremony of Iran National Paralympic Day, The President of APC Majid Rashed delivered a speech, today (16 October).


Iran is having great success within our region

Pointing to the hard work of Iran's success to control Covid pandemic and to perform National Paralympic Day events, Majid Rashed emphasized on the important outcomes of the programs.

"National Paralympic Days are important because they shine a spotlight on the Paralympic Movement, which changes attitudes towards people with disabilities. This in turn leads to a more inclusive society where everyone has opportunities to contribute and progress. These are the fundamental aims of the whole Paralympic Movement and, within our region, Iran is having great success" APC president mentioned.


Begin a journey that will enhance your life

"To see the sport and meet the athletes will hopefully inspire many of you here today to take up sport and begin a journey that will enhance your life. I was once an athlete and, whilst I never competed at a Paralympic Games, I know how beneficial getting involved in sport can be, for your physical health and your mental well-being" Majid Rashid addressed the participants at the Azadi Sports Complex.


A very powerful demonstration

"I’d like to thank everyone at the National Paralympic Committee of Iran for all their hard work in putting on this event. It is a very powerful demonstration of the Paralympic spirit in action and will help to grow the movement even further in this country" APC president said in his speech conclusion.


Click HERE to read APC President's Speech.

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