Oct 16, 2022 10:55
​IPC President praised the family-oriented aspect of Iran NPD events

International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons send special anniversary video message for the celebration of Iran NPC's Paralympic Day. 

The video message broadcasted in the 15th National Paralympic Day ceremony held at Tehran's Azadi Sport Complex today (16 October).


To highlight the increase of the engagement of persons with disabilities and their families taking part in Iran National Paralympic Day and Week events, Andrew Parsons described the progress of participants growth as incredible. 

Moreover, IPC President appreciated Iran NPC attempts to organize the event as a family-oriented program.


The opportunity starts with family
"The most important aspect of the event to me is its focus on the families. Because the families have the understanding of the potential of the persons with disabilities. As a person with disability, you giving the opportunity to study, to work, to practice sports, to be a citizen... A person with disability can achieve anything that she/ he wants... We need to give them the opportunity. And it starts with the family.  
So, bring the families together is very important..." Andrew Parsons mentioned.

Click HERE to watch the video message of IPC President Andrew Parsons

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