Oct 12, 2022 13:11
NPW- Day 3: Paralympic Movement and Media


October 12th- The third day of the 2022 National Paralympic Week (NPW), has been named as Paralympic Movement and Media.

The day highlights the important role of media to raise the society awareness and change perceptions of people with disabilities. In addition, it is an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts made by Media as the main source of information.

Iran NPC has been organized many radio and TV programs and press conferences on the Paralympic Movement issues and the related activities across all the provinces of Iran and the other major programs are arranged to highlight their contribution to Paralympic Movement:

-Holding media summits on the subject of Paralympic Movement goals and activities

-Acknowledging media staff and active broadcasts in the Paralympic pathway


Iran National Paralympic Week, October 10 through 16 2022, highlights Paralympic Movement objectives such as empowerment of people with disabilities and improving their self-worth, health and social inclusion.

The creation of ‘National Paralympic Day’ (NPD) dates back to the 15 years ago when the Iran NPC strategies led to the formation of “National Paralympic Day” and the project initiated on 9 October 2003.

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