Oct 12, 2022 11:27
Iran NPD take center stage in the meeting of NPC President with representatives of engaged organizations

On the eve of the I. R. Iran National Paralympic Day, the delegates of the engaged organizations met with the NPC President, Mr. Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa.

 Speaking at the National Paralympic Committee headquarters in Tehran, the NPC President said: “Upon approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, 16. Oct turned into the National Paralympic Day, however in recent years it faced some obstacles such as air pollution and Pandemic but this year we will mark the 15th edition of this occasion along with the Paralympic sports community and students of special schools, in the Azadi Indoor Stadium (Azadi 12,000 Capacity Hall).”

"Our VIP guest would be APC President, Mr. Majid Rashed and Iran's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Dr. Hamid Sajjadi will be the host," he added. " The ceremony will be commenced by Minister's order, addressing of Mr. Rashed to the audience and playing a video message from International Paralympic Committee (IPC) president Andrew Parsons."

He also mentioned through this event students with impairment could exercise Para sports while being encouraged to follow “Sport for all.” Khosravi Vafa continued, "Meeting all these expectations would not be possible, but adequate help and overwhelming support of various organizations according to their notified duties which is passed by SCCR and Iranian President in line with acting their parts on themes of Movement, Ability, and Excellence."

Prior to conducting this ceremony throughout Iran, representatives of all engaged organizations provided latest updates to this meeting.






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