Oct 11, 2022 16:18
Iranian NPC to organize photo contest on National Paralympic Day


Under the auspices of the NPC I.R. Iran, Photo Contest of NPD to stage throughout I.R. Iran.

In regard to commemorate 15th National Paralympic Day, NPC Iran will run a photo contest in collaboration with the National Iranian Photographers' Society (NIPS) and Iranian Writers Association (IWA), while two categories of shooting with mobile cameras and photography with professional cameras would be considered.

All participants at the National Paralympic Day on 16 Oct. 2022 across the country would be deemed eligible to take picture and send it to the relevant secretariat.


·         Open Category

·         Theme: “National Paralympic Day”

·         No age restrictions

·         Colorful and monochrome images will be accepted

·         File size: up to 5 MB for professional cameras and 3 MB for Mobile

·         Image data file format: JPEG

The photos must be submitted to the secretariat of the contest before October 19th 2022. Upon receiving all the photos, judging procedure will be placed to decide the winners of each category.

Following the conclusion of this contest, the eventual winners of each category will be granted cash prizes.


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