Oct 10, 2022 15:23
NPW- First Day: Iran National Paralympic Week sparks celebration across the country


IR Iran National Paralympic Week officially kicked off today (10th October) across all the country.

National Paralympic Week, October 10 through 16 2022, highlights Paralympic Movement objectives such as empowerment of people with disabilities and improving their self-worth, health and social inclusion.

The first day of the 2022 National Paralympic Week, has been named as Acknowledgment of Paralympians to mark the honorable achievements Iranian Paralympians through their sport life and change the social perceptions towards people                       with disabilities. Many related programs is running across all provinces of the Iran.


The creation of ‘National Paralympic Day’ (NPD) dates back to the 15 years ago when the Iran NPC strategies led to the formation of “National Paralympic Day” and the project initiated on 9 October 2003.

Following the success of the Day in the 5 previous years, the first ever National Paralympic Week of Iran was celebrated coincide with the 6th Edition of NPD on 2013 which aimed to encourage more people to take part in sport activities in Iran in the hope that its already impressive record in para-sport would be secured for the future, as well as improve grass-roots participation.

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