Oct 9, 2022 09:16
Iran NPD executive secretary to present a report on the activities of the 15th National Paralympic Day



The executive secretary of Iran National Paralympic Day (NPD), Hossein Shahriari delivered a summary report of the activities carried out by the organizing committee.

"NPD Organizing Committee has been totally arranged 13 technical and 8 administrative meetings for setting up the event, from December 2021 to October 2022", Shahriari said.

"The executive board consists of the president and secretary general of Iran NPC, the presidents of the 13 sports federations, the representatives of the 9 IRI Ministries and the other partner organizations. The board has been primarily responsible for the implementation of policies and directions set by the IRI Iran NPC and has been supervised the running activities through the cooperation with Technical Committee”, he added.

"During the sessions preparatory activities for running different phases of the event were planned based on the aims and values. The decisions and results declared across the country," Shahriyari explained.

He emphasized that the 15th edition of national paralympic week schedule will be performed in 31 provinces of Iran on the issue of the Paralympic Movement to mark its important role in the life of the people with disabilities from October 10 to 16 2022. Each day of the week has been named to mark the different aspects of Paralympic Movement in Iran.  Many educational workshops and sport activities will be delivered in a week-long program across all provinces of Iran to raise public awareness and to make our society more inclusive.

"Majid Rashed the APC President, accompanied by Tarek Souei APC Chief executive officer, Sahab Uddin and Ruban Lawrence APC staffs are attending in the national Day ceremony held in Tehran on October 16th. In addition to the Asian Dignitaries, the IRI Minister of sports and youth Hamid Sajjadi, President of national olympic and paralympic committee Mahmoud Khosravivafa and the presidents of sports federations, many governmental officials, Iranian paralympic medalists and celebrities are the other invitees of the national paralympic ceremony", Hossein Shahriari mentioned.

According to the NPD executive secretary, the main participants of the Ceremony are children, juniors and youth students with disabilities and their families. As part of the festivities, they received an inclusive National Paralympic Day medal and met with the Paralympians and Officials on the Day. The programs are divided into 2 sections at the Azadi Sports Complex; First, Sports activities for all (outdoor games and workshops) and Second, Sports activities for Championships (indoor competitions and introduction of paralympic sports).

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