Oct 4, 2022 12:48
Iran to Celebrate National Paralympic Day for the 15th time


Iran is set to stage the National Paralympic Day as it looks to profit of from succeeding to control the pandemic.

 IR Iran NPC is due to celebrate the annual occasion on Sunday (October 16) at the Azadi Sports Complex.

It will be the 15th time Iran has celebrated National Paralympic Day, with the event becoming part of the national calendar by a Presidential order in 2016.


“The National Paralympic Day can be an inspiring day for all people with disabilities and impairment.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the Day was held symbolically in the previous two years in Tehran’s Olympic and Paralympic Academy but the upcoming edition will be held in Tehran on Oct. 16,” NPC secretary general, Mohammad Tabe announced in a press conference held on Sunday in Iran’s NPC headquarters.


“The 15th edition of the National Paralympic Day will be held with the participation of 70,000 people with disabilities across the country. Head of Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) Majid Rasheed will be invited to the ceremony as a special guest,” Tabe added.  


Iran first celebrated the National Paralympic Day in 2003 and the Day was included in the National Calendar by a Presidential order in 2016.


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