Nov 29, 2016 04:09
Behzad Zadaliasghari says that the Iranian team played with a big heart at Rio 2016.

Behzad Zadaliasghari says that the Iranian team played with a big heart at Rio 2016.

Iran’s football 5-a-side team took silver to climb onto the Paralympic podium for the first time ever in the sport. Iran lost to Brazil 1-0 in the final match.

“Our team is unique. We played with big heart,” Zadaliasghari told

 “In my opinion, our team even had the capacity to win the gold medal. But it still feels really good to have finished in second place. I am very happy with it,” the visually impaired player added.

Despite achieving an unprecedented result in Rio, Zadaliasghari believes the team’s preparations for Latin America’s first Paralympic Games could have been better.

“They were not enough. But our unity as a team made us strong and that is exactly what helped us win silver last September,” the 28-year-old said.


Zadaliasghari scored an astonishing goal against Morocco in the group stage that had people talking for many days. The Iranian received the ball in his own half and dribbled past the entire African team before shooting past goalkeeper Samir Bara.

“International media started calling me the ‘Blind Messi’. In fact, not just the media but also Brazilian fans got into what the Iranian team was doing after that game. People started calling me by my first name while I was walking at the Olympic Village. It was great,” Zadaliasghari said.

Para sport in Iran is enjoying a constant growth and blind football is not an exception.

“Our sport has been evolving in the last years. After Rio we noticed that many people are getting familiar with football 5-a-side. We are welcomed in every place we go.

“In London, we finished in sixth place, in Rio we won silver, and if we keep working the way we are doing it, we might fight for the gold medal once again at Tokyo 2020,” Zadaliasghari concluded.

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