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I.R. Iran National Paralympic Academy (Introduction)

Iran's National Paralympic Academy has been established aiming at developing Paralympic Movement in Iran with the cutting-edge sport science findings and technology.

Aside from promoting Paralympic Movement values in the society, distinguished scientists and researchers of the Academy have placed the premium on arming Paralympians with the state-of-the-art sport science including nutrition and exercise and also educating coaches, referees and classifiers.

You can read more about the departments of I.R. Iran National Paralympic Academy below:

Paralympic Movement Development:

This department has targeted the promotion and development of Paralympic values including determination, equality, inspiration and courage in the society. Here, we try our best to change the attitudes towards persons with disability and make an inclusive society through sport.

Advanced Training:

This department is formed to constantly update the knowledge of coaches and athletes and equip them with the latest scientific findings in order to better the performance of the Paralympians.

Sport Injuries Prevention:

This department is established aiming at designing and implementing injury prevention protocols for elite athletes. Further to that, scientists in this department investigate the means to take care of athletes' well-being and enhance athletic longevity.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Experts in this department design specific tests for Paralympians to assess their physical condition and mental health seasonally. The data collected will be analyzed and, accordingly, necessary recommendations will be offered to coaches and athletes.

Performance Enhancement:

This department is missioned to monitor training programs of the coaches, to analyze and evaluate the tests results and finally to give recommendations to the technical staff and athletes in order to enhance athletes' performance and, accordingly, facilitate sporting excellence.